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    Forever and a day ago we met, I was just a kid but there was so much fear inside me. Since then I've learned to conquer my fear and keep it locked up inside me. Nobody else will ever see it again. I learned that from you. You didn't seem like you could ever be anything but amazing. I’m watching now as your friends risk their lives for a mistake you made. I’m watching you now as I’m dying, wondering if you actually remember me. Because wherever in the universe it is you go, you always seem to be saying “run”.
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          The maiden Mirabelle was in morning for her dead mouse caching cat. He was the most marvelous cat in the in tire Montgomery county mountains. Her cat's name had been Max, and Max had made everything memorable. Mirabelle could remember the time she has mistaken another mouse catching cat for Max. But Mirabelle could tell it wasn't Max from the mismatched eyes. Max's eyes were a matching maroon. Mirabelle wished that her marvelous cat could come back to life. But he and his mice had been buried in the miniature Montgomery county mountain cemetery.     
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Books by panny12345 Books :iconpanny12345:panny12345 38 28 Derp by panny12345 Derp :iconpanny12345:panny12345 0 4 Even Though by panny12345 Even Though :iconpanny12345:panny12345 12 2 Team Starkid by panny12345 Team Starkid :iconpanny12345:panny12345 16 2
Graveyard Walk
When Teddy Lupin looks at his father's grave he doesn't think of how we died, but of how he lived. It wasn't that he didn't know how either of his parents had died, but Teddy thought that although they died like heroes the life they lived was just as important. Teddy knew all about his father's incident as a young boy. It was the reason Teddy was so grouchy during the full moon, and would only eat is meet very rare.
Teddy's parent's graves lay with the others who had fought and died valiantly in The Battle of Hogwarts. Their graves seemed hidden among far too many others who had died protecting the school they loved. Like the grave next to Remus Lupin's, Lavender Brown. She died at the age of seventeen because of a man was so barbaric he couldn't even wait for the full moon to kill. Teddy had often seen Bill Weasley visit Lavender's grave, although Bill never knew Lavender, but he too had fallen prey of Mr. Greyback. Bill often wishes that it could have been his grave and not Lavender'
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Looking out into the world around her she realizes that she can never escape. Everyday she's locked up in her tower the world keeps moving, even though her world stays still. The tower is invisible, but she can see out. And the pain of seeing the rest of the world not missing her would kill her if she wasn't immortal. If they knew her pain they might think twice before they decided to keep her up hear.
They don't remember though, it happened so long ago. Even the people who keep her captive have forgotten. They probably think that she has died, but they forgot they gave her immortality. It was meant to be a gift, so that she could look over the earth forever, but in truth it is a curse. She is forever looking out on the life she never had, and the life she never will have.
Even if she did break free it would be too late. They forgot her, and now she is as invisible as her tower. Perhaps they would sense her presence and step aside. Or maybe she would be trampled into a near death. Besi
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Pottermore Hates Me by panny12345 Pottermore Hates Me :iconpanny12345:panny12345 5 19
Getting Back Up- Prouloge
The robot wars had been all over earth for as long as Lena could remember, but she never thought that they would ever mean anything to her. How terribly wrong she was.
The robot wars had been centered in north and South America during the beginning of the wars. But several years ago everything moved into Eurasia. That was when Lena and Taz's family's moved the Chicago. It had been a stressful change, and everyone was still a little crabby, some more so then others, but the Lopez's where still firm on the idea that Taz would have her quinceanera. It had been so exciting, and she couldn't have waited to have hers. Back then her biggest problem had been what to wear to her cousin's quinceanera.
Running through the forest Lena wondered what her life would be like without the wars. Most definitely she would be safe at home with her mum, and she wouldn't have to worry about what was going to happen to her little brothers, or whether her cousin was still alive. But Taz may have never
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This Is War
I was more upset then I had ever been in my entire life. This is a war and these people have just gone and left us. I've forgiven a lot of people when they didn't deserve it, but this time they may not be so lucky. We've spent most of our time here running, but today we might be caught. Little by little the remains of Dumbledore's army have been disappearing.
I don't blame them for running away, but sometimes I just can't deal with it. First the golden trio laves us, and now the silver trio? All I wasn't is someone who I can rely on. Who can be there for us in our time of need. The war is growing closer, I can just feel it, but no one is taking action. At least that's what I thought in till I passed the room of requirement one afternoon after a rather horrifying muggle studies class.
We had been learning about how muggles should be locked up and kept away so that they couldn't hurt us. I finally got so fed up with it that I got up in front of the class and told of the teacher. I got on
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Swimming in her own fears
Floating above her worries
Time and space falls around her
Swallowing her and her dreams
The golden light is far away
It slips through her fingers
It becomes too far off to see
And she falls into the darkness
Her world is out of focus
Did it ever really matter?
Landing on a pair of wings
Her mind remembers
Trapped inside her blackness
She forgot what mattered most
But the wings where there
And they caught her fall
It will be alright
There is nothing to fear
You are not alone
We will catch your fall
:iconpanny12345:panny12345 4 12
Reminds Me Most of Fire
Like a shimming sward
Beautiful to see
But gives a sting to touch
Red yellow and orange
All twisted into one
Crackling, popping  
A mini firework
Sparks crash
Ashes fly
All around my flame
The smoke curls
It gives a cough
But the smell is friendly
Burns bright
Like star-light
Warms the body and the heart
Reminds me most of fire
:iconpanny12345:panny12345 2 2
                      The wind knows a secret; I can tell why else would it whisper?
                      The wind told the trees, I can tell for they sway with excitement.
                      The squirrels must know, I can tell as they scurry the trees for details.
:iconpanny12345:panny12345 5 7
Once upon a time there was a rocking horse that lived in a nursery. The rocking horse had been in the nursery for a long time because he was waiting. He was waiting because a long, long time ago there was a little boy who loved this rocking horse dearly. But as all things do the boy grew up and left his beloved rocking horse.
One time when the rocking horse was waiting he happened to glance out the window he saw a boy. It was not his boy, but he wanted the boy to come anyway. It was not until the boy had left that the rocking horse realized that it wasn't the really the boy he wanted but his love. What the rocking horse needed was to be loved. To not be forgotten, and he refused to believe that his boy had forgotten him.
Once upon a time there was a rocking horse that waited for his boy. The rocking horse waited in till the end of time but his boy never came.
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